We have successfully built a strong reputation based on experience and consistent hard work. We have established specialized teams with experts in diverse fields, including:

National and International Freight Control

International transportation

Our global cargo transportation team is responsible for coordinating and managing shipments, including documentation management and customs clearance.

  • Efficient Documentation Management::Our team not only simplifies the transportation process but also handles documentation management, from invoices to customs permits. With ACL, your project is in expert hands.
  • Seamless Customs Clearance: The complexity of customs regulations can be overwhelming, but with ACL, your cargo will cross borders smoothly. We comply with the strictest regulations, ensuring your goods reach their destination without unnecessary delays.
  • Global Network of Agents: Our strategically located network of agents worldwide are a valuable asset. These connections allow us to overcome geographical and cultural barriers, providing us with access to local procedures ensuring seamless execution anywhere in the world.

National transportation

At the national level, we provide reliable and effective transportation solutions to address logistical needs within the country.

  • Transport Flexibility: Recognizing that logistical needs vary, we offer maximum flexibility by seamlessly connecting land, sea, and air transportation. We tailor the logistical approach to optimize each voyage.
  • Comprehensive Real-Time Tracking: Maintaining control of every shipment is crucial, even over short distances. That's why we implement real-time tracking systems to track your cargos’ route and receive precise updates throughout each phase.
  • Local Distribution Strategies: We develop efficient local distribution strategies to ensure products reach their destinations as efficiently as possible, minimizing delivery times and optimizing logistical costs.
  • Commitment to Sustainability: At ACL, we not only seek efficiency but also sustainability. We implement logistical practices that reduce our carbon footprint, contributing to the development of a more eco-friendly national supply chain.


Our International Logistics division focuses on optimizing your operations, and efficiently managing inventories, routes, and deadlines. We work to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and ensure a comprehensive supply chain.

  • Comprehensive Inventory Management: Our logistics are not only effective in product movement but also in intelligent inventory management. We use advanced technology to maintain precise control, minimizing losses.
  • Strategic Routes, Timely Deliveries: Every mapped route is a step toward efficiency. At ACL, we use advanced data analytics to identify the most efficient routes, reducing transit times and ensuring your cargo arrives on time at its destination.
  • Strategies for Continuous Efficiency: We are committed to working with each client's team to develop continuous efficient strategies. We analyze logistical processes, identify areas for improvement, and offer innovative solutions.
  • Commitment to Comprehensive Supply Chain: We ensure all components function in harmony. Our mission is not only to be a logistics provider but a strategic partner contributing to the overall success of your supply chain.

Efficient logistics

Real-time tracking

Cargowize web tracker

From instant accessibility to precise and constant updates, this tool puts control in your hands.

  • Instant Access to Your Cargo's Location: Our real-time tracking system is not just a tool; it's an intuitive platform providing instant access to the precise location of your cargo at any given moment.
  • Precise and Constant Updates: Logistical certainty relies on the accuracy of information. We offer constant updates, with every movement recorded and communicated in real time.
  • Intuitive Interface for a Better Experience: We understand the importance of a hassle-free experience. Cargowize web tracker features an intuitive interface designed to be accessible and user-friendly, providing easy access to detailed information about each shipment.
  • Continuous Commitment to Transparency: At ACL, transparency is not just a principle; it's a commitment. Through our real-time tracking system, we ensure that every step of the way is marked with clarity and certainty.

Storage and Warehousing

We offer warehouse and storage management, a secure and reliable service to keep each product safeguarded while in transit. Our storage facilities are designed to ensure the integrity of your goods.

  • Secure Custody: Our warehouse is designed and monitored to ensure the security and protection of your products. From delicate merchandise to specialized equipment, we assure the security of your goods.
  • Efficient Warehouse Management: Our warehouse management involves more than just stacking boxes; at ACL, we implement systems that manage the flow of incoming and outgoing products, ensuring a strategic location for each item and facilitating its retrieval when needed.
  • Precise Inventory Control: We use advanced technology to track each item in real time. This not only improves the visibility of your transportation but also facilitates logistical planning by providing valuable information about shipment rotation.
  • Adaptability to Every Need: Every client is different; one may require short-term storage during transit, while another may need a long-term solution. At ACL, we tailor our warehousing services to meet each specific need.
  • Technology for Product Integrity: Technology not only enhances efficiency but also preserves the integrity of products. We implement temperature control and environmental monitoring systems to ensure that shipments are maintained in optimal conditions.



Cargo and Transport Insurance

The safety of your cargo is of utmost importance to us. We offer solutions that provide peace of mind throughout the entire transportation process.

  • Customized Insurance: Our insurance service does not follow a standard approach; instead, we design personalized solutions that adapt to the specific characteristics of each project.
  • Peace of Mind in Every Move: Our real-time tracking service not only provides location updates but also integrates with insurance services. Each client has a complete view of the status of their cargo.
  • Comprehensive Protection: Our insurance service not only covers physical damages but also addresses aspects such as loss due to theft, adverse weather events, and other unforeseen circumstances.
  • Professional Advice: Our team of experts is at your disposal to provide professional advice and answer all your questions. We are here to provide advice and make your experience with us straightforward and hassle-free.

Special Cargo and Shipments

We understand that not all shipments are the same, and our freight project team is prepared to handle everything from customs management to face unique logistical challenges.

  • Personalized Attention from the Start: We collaborate closely with each client to understand their specific requirements and to develop tailored logistical strategies that align with their goals.
  • Unique Logistical Challenges: Whether it's special dimensions, delicate handling, or any other requirement, our team is prepared to meet the challenge. We take pride in finding creative solutions to ensure the successful delivery of every project's cargo.
  • Network of Experts and Resources: We have an extensive network of collaborators and strategic resources to ensure that every aspect of your project receives the attention and care it needs.

Special Cargo

At American Container Line, our extensive experience and commitment to excellence have made us a reliable leader in the transportation and logistics industry.